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     Our aim at COSO Infinity, is to help you achieve your goals by listening to you and understanding your vision. We can help you  overcome                   the challenges you face. May it be you are a large global organization, a family owned private business, or even a government                                                                                              entity, we have the experience and expertise to help you.
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 Our Products

Corrugated totes
Corrugated Totes
1000Ltr Corrugated Totes with Heating Blankets in 220v or 120v to use for bulk filling
Corrugated Totes to fill virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut syrup, Coconut Vinegar, Creamed
 Coconut 1000Ltr

Flexi Bags
Flexi Tanks
2000Ltr Flexi Tanks with heat facility to fill bulk filling of liquids
2000Lty to fill Virgin Coconut oil

IBC Tanks
BIBs with spouts
Spout bags to fill liquids ranging from 4Ltr to 200Ltr
BIBs with spouts to fill Coconut water

Metal Drums
200Ltr wide mouth conical drums to use in filling bulk liquids

250ml Beverage Can
Beverage Can
250ml Beverage can

Squeeze Bottle
Squeeze Bottle
320ml Squeeze Bottle

Squeeze bottles to fill liquids or semi liquids, ranging from 250ml to 320ml

BIBS Aseptic
BIBS Aseptic and non Aseptic
BIBS with spouts to fill Coconut water

PET Plastic Bottles
PET Plastic Bottles
PET Plastic Bottles

Metal Cans-BPA Free
Metal Cans-BPA Free
Metal Cans-BPA Free

BPA ni Metal cans to fill the liquid or semi liquid form products, ranging from 200ml  to 3Ltr

lug cap edit
Lug Caps
Lug caps-PVC free

PVC free or BPA ni Lug caps to use for jars, ranging from 38mm to 82mm

seal google edit
Heat Seals-Food Grade
Food Grade tamper or heat seals in required dimensions

spray bott google
Spray Bottles
Spray bottles- 100ml to 120ml
Spray bottles use to fill liquids, ranging from 100ml to 120ml

goog jar
PET Jars
PET Jars-Sizes from 100ml to 1000ml
PET Jars to fill liquids, ranging from 100ml to 1000ml

LLDPE-Nylon mix pouches
BIBs - Aseptic and Non Aseptic
LLDPE nylon mix pouches to fill liquid or semi liquid, ranging from 100g to 1000g

organic edit google
Organic Cane sugar
Organic cane sugar both EU and NOP certified in bulk form

Aseptic Filler Machines

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We are professional supply chain management and competent corporate administrators with sound finance background. 20 YEARS of experience within a wide array of industries...

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